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10 Reasons | Service at Your Ford Dealer

    1. Protection

The average new car costs more than $21,000 so consumers can’t afford to rely on anyone other than a top professional to maintain their investment. New car dealerships offer the highest level of technical training, state of the art equipment and factory specific parts.

    1. Training

Dealers and manufacturers spend considerable money and time on continuous training to ensure that technicians are up-to-date on today’s increasingly complex vehicles.

    1. Technicians

Today’s technicians must be electronics experts as well as good mechanics. New car dealerships offer the most experienced technicians in the auto repair industry.

    1. Equipment

Some diagnostic equipment for today’s automobiles can cost over $100,000. Only franchised new car dealers are required to purchase and use the best equipment and maintain computer links to factory service experts.

    1. Parts

Only new car dealers are required to carry an inventory of parts to cover all repairs to the cars and trucks they sell, ensuring customer’s quick repairs and genuine parts.

    1. Guarantees

A dealer’s reputation depends on customer satisfaction. That’s why dealerships guarantee their repairs. Plus, original parts carry additional Ford or OEM guarantees.

    1. Warranty

All new cars today carry manufacturer warranties that specify maintenance schedules and repair procedures. Service from the dealer eliminates the possibility of voiding the warranty for failure to meet requirements. Extended warranty policies (ESP) can also be purchased for added protection.

    1. Convenience

To ensure convenient service, many Ford dealerships offer extended service hours, express service for routine maintenance and simple repairs, plus guaranteed time of delivery.

    1. Price

Your local auto dealer has fast service priced competitively. Often, your local dealership offers the best price in addition to the best service.

    1. Satisfaction

In both sales and service, satisfaction is the primary goal of every dealer. The best way to achieve this is to offer the best service support for your car at the best price.