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11 Genius Things to Always Keep in your Vehicle

With these 11 things in your vehicle, you’ll be equipped to survive a zombie apocalypse.

Well maybe not quite… but it will sure protect you and any passengers from any unexpected situations! Keep these 11 affordable and multiuse products stocked in your vehicle throughout the year to be prepared during your travels.

1. First Aid Kit

This is so important to always have whether it’s for you, or others who may need it. Save the day and get yours today! Small tip: stash some feminine products in there as well!

Ford First Aid Kit

2. Duct Tape

This may seem like a strange one to keep in your vehicle, but, let’s say you accidentally knock a part of your bumper off, duct tape will be able to hold things together until you get it properly looked at. Not only is it good for that, but duct tape is super multi-purposeful, it can help you in many situations. You can even buy a roll that’s similar to the colour of your vehicle if you want! Link

3. Bungee Cords

As an independent woman driving a small car, I find keeping bungee cords in my vehicle very handy. Let’s say you’re driving and you spot a desk or another big object that’s for sale on the side of the road that won’t fit on your backseat or fully in your trunk. You’ll be able to strap it safely in your open trunk for the ride home instead of having to ask a friend to borrow a bigger vehicle. Even if you drive a roomier vehicle, bungee cords will keep all your belongings in place for the whole drive. Link

4. Jumper Cables

Whether it’s you, or you find someone stranded on the road needing a jump start, it never hurts to have these with you. You might find yourself not needing them very often, but when the time strikes, you’ll be so thankful you had them. If you don’t know how to jumpstart a vehicle, check out this video.

5. Wool Blanket

A wool blanket can come in handy for many things, maybe you just walked your dog in the rain and need something to cover your seats from getting dirty, or you’re needing some extra warmth on a trip to the beach with friends or maybe your just in need of some comfort for an in-prompt-to sleep in your vehicle. Check out this cozy one!

6. Protein Snacks and Water

In a rush leaving the house and forgot to bring food or hydration for the day? Don’t worry, because you planned ahead and kept something filling in your vehicle to get you through. Personally, I like to keep a pack of cliff bars in my vehicle, because they’re yummy, filling and quite good for you. I also keep a 6 pack of water bottles in my trunk just in case I’m super dehydrated after a walk, or I spill something sticky and need to wash it off, or my dog is needing a cool off after a hot day.

7. Gloves

There’s two types of gloves I like to keep in my car. First pair are leather insulated gloves for the winter mornings when my steering wheel is super cold. (Unless you’re lucky and drive a vehicle like one of our Lincolns with a heated steering wheel). Second pair is more of a durable set of gloves, more meant for protecting your hands from touching anything sharp or rigid, or even anything dirty! Both pairs of gloves have touch screen fingers also, so no need to take them on and off to access your phone.

8. Windshield Sunshade

This is one of my favourite things to keep in my car for many reasons such as protecting my cars interior from sun damage, protecting any young children I may have in my passenger seats from UV rays, having privacy whenever I need to change on the go, as well as obviously keeping my car cooled during the summer days. Plus during the winter I have a heat insulated sunshade for sunny winter days, it helps trap the heat inside!

ford escape sunshade for the windshield

9. Waterproof Flashlight

This is another thing you probably won’t use often, but it’s good to have just in case. This comes in handy if you need to shed light on something that is too far for your headlights or your phone light to reach. For an example, when 4x4ing you can scope out the area more clearly to see if your vehicle can make it through safely. Link

10. WD40

Since WD40 is so multi-purposeful, it would be silly to not keep a can of this in your vehicle. It’s basically a lubricant that you apply to common rust areas on the vehicle after washing, but it also can protect your vehicle in different weather conditions as well. Not to mention it can loosen up super tight lug nuts. Small tip: WD40 removes any stubborn sticker residue like magic!

11. Candle and Lighter

Before you ask, no, this isn’t meant to set the mood with your partner. It’s actually more of a safety/comfort pointer. If you’re vehicle breaks down in cold weather, a small candle lit will provide warmth and light until help comes.

BONUS TIP: for every drive thru you go to, keep the left over napkins and store them in your center console for any future spills.