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2009 Ford Edge, the CUV for Family

2009 Ford Edge. (08/06/08)

The Edge – what can one say about this crossover vehicle with its sporty, sleek design and remarkable flexibility it’s a real crowd pleaser. Boasting sedan-like handling, a sophisticated 6 speed automatic transmission and a lively Duratec V6 engine, fun to drive is a definite understatement.

Seating for up to 5 adults or almost 70 cu. ft. of available cargo space mean the Edge is not only a great weekend-getaway CUV but also a great all round family vehicle. An optional rear seat DVD entertainment system features an 8-in. color LCD screen, remote control, and 2 wireless headsets. The standard center console offers versatility with movable dividers giving you loads of storage possibilities and also includes an audio input jack for personal MP3 players.

The driver-centric interior styling puts the wheel mounted cruise control and secondary audio controls within easy reach. Standard on every Edge is Sirius satellite radio with 100% commercial free sports, news, music and entertainment programming. As well to ensure driver and front passenger are warm and comfortable on those chilly morning commutes the Edge comes with standard heated front bucket seats.

2009 Ford Edge: SEL; Vista Roof. (08/06/08)

One of the many luxury options available in the Edge is the Vista Roof offering the only 2 panel panoramic view available in the class. It provides a daylight opening over 3 times larger than the traditional moonroof and includes convenient dual power sunshades.

Safety enhanced structural design includes A- pillars and bumper to bumper flow through rails which help to manage energy in the event of a collision. The Edge has a front underride protection system called a BlockerBeam® which is a steel crossmember suspended below and behind the front bumper that helps to prevent other vehicles from sliding under the Edge in a frontal collision while side intrusion door beams and energy-absorbing door panels protect in the event of a side-impact collision. Included standard with every Edge are 6 airbags.

Active AWD models are equipped with an on-demand system that constantly monitors both driver and vehicle predicting traction conditions and reacting before any wheel slippage can even occur. This translates into foul weather driving being… not quite so foul.

An industry first innovation beginning this fall is the Blind Spot Mirror, a standard feature on the 2009 Edge, it answers customer demands for better visibility and will eventually be offered on several future ford models.

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