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2011 Ford Fiesta vs Hyundai and Nissan Versa

Michael Melenchuk of Steve Marshall Ford tried video taping some big moments during the comparison drives, thanks to him we have these tidbits about the Fiesta’s competition that include “I thought the front end was going to fall out” and “this is bad, what are we in”.

My big impression on the new Ford Fiesta is how Ford is re-branding its image, and it starts with the European Ford Fiesta. The public, when they see and drive the Fiesta will have 4 distinct impression :

  1. Quality – from the optional leather, construction of the body (Boron was used for strength), over-all fit and finish.
  2. Smart technology – From the 6-speed Power transmission, to the voice activated Sync the Fiesta will be one of the most technologically advanced cars on the planet for a fantastic price.
  3. Safety – class exclusive 7 airbags (including the drivers knee airbag), advanced body material for crashes and finally
  4. Green footprint – the Fiesta is projected to get 55MPG in an AUTOMATIC, extremely low emissions, soya foam seats and more!

Move over Honda Fit, Toyota Yaris, Nissan Versa and others, there is a major player about to dominate the sub-compact class. The Ford Fiesta, in Europe, was the highest selling car of ANY class last year. It has won every major European automobile award there is. We expect the same to happen here in Canada.

Dollar for dollar, it is just amazing what you get in the Fiesta.