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Borscht, Cause We All Need Some Comfort Food with this Weather

I may be the only one, but I’ve been feeling the need for some serious winter comfort food. It may have been the 6 hour power outage last night, or it may be quading in the drenching rain on Saturday. Either way: I’m cold, blah and all around yuck.

You do need a fairly big pot, it does use the hearty winter vegetables, and it is one of my favourites. So let me know if you make it, and your address. 😉

I’m on Twitter: @FordandLincoln.

NB: Another Pot is used as a Noun.
NB.2: All amounts are mostly suggestions, I like to add one extra beet and half a head of green cabbage with the full head of red. I’ve also added parsnip a time or two.
NB.3: I love a blob of sour cream in my bowl of borscht.

The oddly formated recipe above was caused by a running joke about my handwriting, so geek that I am, voila – messy computer generated recipe, an exact replica of the hand written borscht recipe. That’s not to say my handwriting is bad, just bad compared to Heidi, Shannon, and Michelle’s (actually all of accounting has some ridiculously awesome writing).

My printing compared to their elegant cursive is called chicken scrawl. The Oatmeal assures me this is caused by the keyboard.