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Check Your Tires Using Only a Penny!

We’ve found a use for that jar of pennies in your kitchen! Just joking… but a penny is a great consistent way to “just check” your tires for wear.

Tread depth is typically measured in 1/32″ increments. Using a recent Canadian penny (the Queen is not wearing a crown) you can quickly and easily check the tread depth yourself.

With the Queen facing you, insert the penny into the tread hair first. Repeat this by placing the coin into several treads across the tire from each side and the middle. Take the lowest reading as the overall tread depth.

The top of her head is approximately 4/32″ of tread depth. If you can see her entire head it is time to find some new Tires!

Quick and Easy!!

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For those of us with Quarters jangling in our pockets, the same measurement can be taken using the the moose head (does he have a name?) put him in the tread nose first and if you can see his muzzle it’s time to start looking for new tires!!