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Commercial Vehicle Usage

commercial vehicle use goes beyond driving

Beyond Just Transport, Provide Power on the Worksite with the Ford F-150 from our Commercial Vehicle Centre.

Who wants to buy and haul around a generator? No thanks…

Need some power on your worksite? Of course, you do! Power tools and laptop computers are just a few worksite tools that need power, but the days of needing to spend thousands of dollars on a generator is no more. With the class-exclusive Pro Power Onboard you can choose from one of three power outputs. 2.0kW, available with optional gas engines, 2.4kW, standard with the PowerBoost Full Hybrid engine and if you really need some power, 7.2kW, available with the PowerBoost Full Hybrid engine.

Do I need to go to the office to get some work done? No, It’s not just a cab, it’s your office.

With everything from a workstation for your laptop and a place to plug it in, to Wi-Fi hotspot capability to stay connected with suppliers and clients, you will not be at a lack of anything you need. Even if you need something like a wireless charge pad for your phone, we have that too.
Do you have other special truck needs for your business?

No doubt, and we can help you out with that. Our Fleet Leader, John Erickson, has worked with all sorts of businesses and contractors to help them nail down all their needs in a vehicle. Best of all, you only need one commercial vehicle to qualify for fleet benefits.

Contact John Erickson at or (250) 618-4832.

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