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Commercial Vehicles Are Often White, Why?

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Ever notice, that whether a company has one or more commercial vehicles that they are pretty much always white?

Well, this is not a coincidence and there are many reasons why fleet vehicles are white.

1) White makes objects appear larger, making it more visible to other motorists and pedestrians.  
2) White reflects light and heat, keeping the vehicle and contents cool.
3) White is the best background to display your company logo and brand on.
4) White does not show scratches and dings as much; it is a work truck after all. It is also the easiest colour to repair, oops sorry boss.
5) White is the most economical colour to get. It’s not just touch up, but fancier colours require special elements added to make them look flashy. This is great for a personal vehicle, but not so much for a work vehicle.

If you have any other questions about fleet and commercial vehicles you can contact our Fleet Leader John Erickson in our Commercial Vehicle Centre at or (250) 618-4832.

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