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Ford Flex Continues to Impress

Ford Flex press drives are underway, with 180 media personalities logging time behind the wheel last week in New York.  Here are some of the comments from some of our toughest critics…

  • John McElroy, Autoline Detroit – “There’s a very solid feel to the car and man, it is quiet. Given that this is an AWD, the ride is very impressive. Good steering with excellent response.
  • Ken Pantone, ecityofstyle – “You have a winner on your hands. All over this city, people are looking at Flex…doormen, fashionistas, you name it. It’s great to see Ford get its due.”
  • John Davis, Motor Week – “There aren’t many vehicles that truly stand out as something new and different, but Flex does. I think it will strengthen your brand; you’ve never had a vehicle like it.”
  • Mark Phelan, Detroit Free Press – “I love the proportion. I had thought it would be bulky and ponderous, but I am really impressed with the way you have handled the size. Most of us thought the show car would never translate, but it has. This is one of only four or five of the most important cars this year, and I have been looking forward to driving – and it has not let me down.”
  • Jim Henry, AutoWeek – “I’m very impressed by Flex for highway cruising. It has a very comfortable ride and a roomy interior. Overall a very quiet vehicle as well, which is impressive.”
  • Jean Jennings, Automobile Magazine – “I love the car. This is the best car Ford has ever made.”