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Ford Flex Cuts Drycleaning Bill!

The 2009 Ford Flex adds another industry-first claim to growing list of why buys: It’s the world’s first trouser- and dress-friendly vehicle.

The Flex team engineered into Ford’s newest crossover a concealed rocker panel, the structural component at the bottom of the door aperture.

“The Flex design is so clean and efficient that we’ve been able to reduce the step-in area,” said Rich Gresens, Flex chief designer. “The clever design minimizes your clothes’ exposure to the elements. There’s no sill area where dirt usually collects.”

Ford designers stretched the width of the Flex to wrap around the sill, bringing the step-in area inboard for much easier access for passengers. In combination with the hidden rocker, the Flex door was designed to wrap under the sill, effectively sealing out the elements.

Pant protection brought to you by the Flex!