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Ford Super Duty Market Share in the Workplace

Press Release

Numbers and Customers Tell the Story at New Website: Ford Super Duty Owns Work, Owners Can Tell Their Stories Too

A new website lets customers experience how Ford F-Series Super Duty trucks are used in the field and showcases Super Duty’s leadership in several key industries

Site features videos hosted by Dirty Jobs’ Mike Rowe to show Super Duty trucks at work on location including an oil field in Kansas and natural gas wells in Colorado

Interactive element asks visitors to create personalized “baseball” cards detailing use of their Super Duty. Some may be selected to tell their story in a video for the site

Dearborn, Mich., Nov. 7, 2011 – More than any other heavy-duty pickup in the market, Ford F-Series Super Duty is trusted by tradesmen to get the job done in the field, and a new online experience at is helping customers realize just that.

Complete with videos and interactive elements, the “We Own Work” website clearly illustrates how Super Duty is the most popular truck in 21 industries.

“For more workers, Ford Super Duty is the most important tool they depend on to get the rest of their tools to the job site. There’s no other truck out there accomplishing as much in working conditions as F-Series Super Duty is,” said Brian Rathsburg, Super Duty Marketing manager. “Super Duty trucks are well known for their proven toughness and capability, and that’s why they are such a leading force in all sorts of industries. They have it all – durability, reliability, performance and fuel economy.”

On the website, visitors can view videos that share stories of workers who use Super Duty trucks to accomplish work on real job sites across the U.S. Hosted by Dirty Jobs’ Mike Rowe, the videos show the workers and trucks in action.

The site also features interesting statistics showing how Super Duty leads in a variety of fields. Some of these include:

74 percent of metal mining workers use Super Duty trucks
75 percent of road maintenance workers use Super Duty trucks
60 percent of utility workers use Super Duty trucks

Once users have gone through the videos, they have the option to share their own experiences of how they use their Super Duty. Some of the best stories may be chosen to be filmed for additional Mike Rowe videos on the site.

Based on a template that resembles a baseball trading card, visitors can create their own card to reflect the tough job their Super Duty helps them complete. Cards contain information like mileage, industry, region and tough facts about their truck and their job. Users also can upload an image of the truck they use. Once finished, they can embed the card in the website, share it on Twitter or Facebook, or print it.

The cards can be sorted by industry, year, region and toughness so the online community can scroll through the trucks to vote for the one they deem the toughest. The cards with the most votes for toughness will appear closest to the top.

Additionally, the site is programmed so that all functionality and animations are available for Apple iPad users.

Unmatched power for tough jobs

The 2012 Ford F-Series Super Duty gives customers what they are looking for in terms of power and capability, ensuring it stays at the head of the pack. The 2012 Ford F-Series Super Duty tow rating is 17,500 pounds with conventional bumper hitch and 24,500 pounds with fifth-wheel hitch.

The Ford-designed and Ford-built 6.7-liter Power Stroke® V8 diesel engine delivers best-in-class fuel economy. The Power Stroke isn’t just fuel efficient, it’s also the most powerful diesel pickup engine money can buy, rated at 400 horsepower and 800 lb.-ft. of torque. The engine also can run on up to B20 biodiesel fuel.

The standard 6.2-liter V8 gas engine also has best-in-class fuel economy and produces a best-in-class 405 lb.-ft. of torque and 385 horsepower. It is capable of running on E85 ethanol. New for 2012 is a compressed natural gas/propane prep engine option.

Each Super Duty pickup – diesel or gas – is mated to a heavy-duty TorqShift® six-speed SelectShift Automatic™ transmission.