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Give & Go 2016 Thank You to the Community!

Give and Go NanaimoAnn Marie Clark and the event team are grateful for the community’s support to create a successful inaugural 2016 Nanaimo Give & Go at 3851 Shenton Road. We were humbled by the sheer amount of volunteers, generous sponsors and the community donations.

On December 7th the community donated 1634 kg of food valued at $8,987 and raised $2,800 in cash donations. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for choosing to be a part of this experience.

If you have any feedback, improvements or suggestions to make the Give & Go better please connect with CJ Smith at (250) 758-7311.

We are expecting December 6, 2017 to be even better! Mark your calendars!

“I want the tradition of taking care of our community to continue, I LOVE how the Give & Go is able to accomplish just that.”
Ann Marie Clark, Owner, Steve Marshall Ford Lincoln