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How does your 2016 Ford F-150 truck measure up for safety?

Naturally, safety including truck safety is something that is important to all of us as we drive in our vehicles. We put ourselves, our family and friends in them and in a worst case scenario we want to know that we are safe.  

This is why in 1959 the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) was started. The IIHS is an independent, non-profit, scientific and educational organization dedicated to reducing the losses from motor vehicle crashes and have long set the industry standard for auto and truck manufacturers.

When it comes to crash safety trucks can be deceptive. They look indestructible, are much bigger than most other vehicles and give the impression that if you were to get into an accident that your truck, no matter the make, will protect you.

Truck Safety: Does your 2016 F-150 measure up?

Three out of seven large pickup trucks evaluated by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety in a new round of crash tests earn an acceptable or higher rating for occupant protection in a small overlap front crash.

What the IIHS shows is that not all manufacturer’s trucks are created the same.

How does your truck measure up for safety?

Watch the video and find out.