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Inspecting Tires? What to Look for! When to Rotate Tires.

What should you be looking for when inspecting tires?

  • You’re looking for signs of uneven wear, both on the tread as well as the sidewall.
  • You should complete visual inspections at least once a month to insure safety and drivability of tires.
  • You should have your tread depth checked & tires that are under 3/32 should be replaced.

When should I rotate my tires?

  • Recommended rotations should be every 8000km (4900miles)

Why should I rotate my tires?

  • Its critical to be done in order to insure the extended life of your tires and comply with manufacturer warranty

In Nanaimo, Tires are important not only for traction on the wet Nanaimo roads, proper tires are vital when it snows on Vancouver Island. You want your vehicle to be able to have traction in the rain, slush and ice!The engine and brakes of a vehicle work directly through the tires. Even the most advanced traction and stability control systems are limited by the tire’s ability to hold the road. If a consumer has tires that are worn, under inflated, or not suited to the environment, they put themselves, their vehicle, and others at risk.We sell tires for all makes and models, not just Ford and Lincolns any vehicle in Nanaimo can be outfitted with Tires in our shop. Call our Parts Team 250-758-7742 today to get your tires.Tire purchases include National Warranty Coverage and a free Multipoint inspection while installed in our shop. Installation costs are $20 Mount & Balance per tire plus, of course, the taxes and enviro fees.