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Model T Modifications, Souped up?

The Ford Model T 100th anniversary celebrations wrapped up on Friday. It seems that it was a fantastic event for owners and specators alike.

The week included seminars, a swap meet, era correct re enactments, and of course food and music.

The seminars covered everything from a Model T engine rebuild, to safety and durability preparation before a tour, and learning how the Model T was designed and improved in two seminars.

While the Model T owners were busy learning and having fun, the New York Times spotted a trend completely separate from the 100 year anniversary: Vehicle Modifications!!

Were the first souped up cars and trucks the Ford Model T?

Modifications such as tank like tires to go through snow, enormous truck beds to haul hay, plus quick and easy tricks done by owners, drivers and farmers.

The Model T, with its simple modular design, proved a malleable machine indeed. “You could loosen a few bolts, take the body of the car off and turn it into just about anything you wanted,” said Robert Casey, curator of transportation at the Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village in Dearborn, Mich.