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Nanaimo and Google 3D Buildings

The Nanaimo, BC Beban House

With a Sterling Award from the Nanaimo Chamber of Commerce already under her company’s belt, Judith Chinn of JAC GeoDesign is fierce about creating 3D buildings on Google Earth!

What an amazing local talent, the first Google Certified Geo 3D Develper. Check out the JAC GeoDesign website for more information.

Press Release:

Google Earth continues to be a popular way to showcase 3D versions of Canadian communities to the global audience. The cities of Vancouver, British Columbia and Toronto, Ontario are so popular that they have been added to Google’s Building Maker online 3D modeling tool. This tool allows 3D freelancers from around the world to remotely create 3D buildings for these cities.

Local governments of smaller Canadian communities like Fredericton, New Brunswick and Banff, Alberta have successfully tapped into Google’s ‘Cities in 3D Program’. These municipalities understand the benefits of having a 3D model of their communities for use in promoting economic development, boosting tourism and visualizing community planning.

For smaller towns and villages, there are businesses like Nanaimo, British Columbia’s JAC GeoDesign that specializes in creating 3D models of buildings and structures to showcase on Google Earth. Owner Judith Chinn is Canada’s First Google Certified Geo 3D Developer. “My business gives me the opportunity to showcase our well known Canadian communities alongside some of our hidden gems to a regional, national and global audience,” says Chinn.

Businesses like Chinn’s are popping up all over the world. They service businesses, as well as, communities. They create 3D buildings to help preserve and share our past, promote our current state, and help plan our future development. According to Chinn, “Google Certified Geo 3D Developers from around the world are in regular contact with each other and Google Earth representatives. We get to share our experiences, troubleshoot issues, collaborate on projects and celebrate our successes.”

Advancements in technology offer new and exciting ways to showcase Canada’s 3D communities. New applications for mobile devices are being developed showcasing 3D models in Augment Reality. In New York City, tourist can use touch screens monitors to create and view a 3D tour of their itinerary. 3D models can be imported into 3D gaming software.

Chinn will be celebrating her first year in business next week. “It has been a challenging first year. It is not easy to introduce a new service into the marketplace. I spend much of my time educating and informing the public and potential clients about the benefits and versatility of showcasing locations in 3D. The community of Nanaimo has been very supportive of my efforts.” The Greater Nanaimo Chamber of Commerce recently, presented Chinn with the 2011 Sterling Business Award for New Business. “I am hoping to gain additional support from my fellow Canadians as I expand my service throughout Canada,” says Chinn.

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