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QR Codes on our New Ford Focus Outside!

We had been considering and researching QR Codes and their uses since February. We hit up our local Twitter followers for some feedback way back then, and the feedback was find the value for the consumer, then try it!

So here we are a few months later giving it our “go”.

Have you ever scanned a QR Code?

People browse inventory here at the dealership at times we are not here, Sundays or evenings after we’ve left. While we love the visits and are pleased you’ve thought of us when you had a minute; we can certainly see that standing around outside a dealership all alone searching for information on your phone could be kind of a bust.

We want consumers not to miss any of the unique advantages of our Ford products. Most of our scanned codes would direct you to a short (15-30 Seconds) YouTube video describing the feature (here’s the 2012 Taurus keyless trunk) and what it does! Other codes share our third party dealership reviews or a direct link to that vehicle online, or even other inventory like the vehicle you are looking at. All the codes are labeled so that you have a general idea what you’re scanning!

We are still figuring out what information you, our browsing guests, want.
Do you have suggestions?

The QR Code is our attempt to minimize the effort and time required to search and find information on a phone…especially considering the buttons on the blackberry and the sometimes tricky screen keyboards on the Androids and iPhones!

We did advertise, including a QR Code, for the first time in June. In our future we can see QR Codes helping you quickly find more information, pictures or video about a specific vehicle, or even book an appointment for the advertised service special. All quickly and on the go!

Other places that have QR Codes in use regularly in Nanaimo are the VIU Library, Garage Clothing, and even The Source has tried using QR Codes in their ads.

Let us know if you like the idea of QR Codes, what you’d like to see the codes give you and if you’ve ever scanned a QR Code!