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Seasonal Tire Storage in Nanaimo

We know that not everyone has unused space in their dry basement or a hall closet specific for their seasonal tires, that’s why we provide storage for your tires in the off season!

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Easy Tire Storage in a Temperature Controlled Building

Four tires take up a space of over 2 feet by 3 feet. That’s a lot of area.

Swap Tires Twice a Year With a Simple Service Appointment

If you’d like to store your own winter tires start with a dry dark  area, avoid a cold garage or shed where moisture can be an issue. Environmental emissions are a large enemy so avoid storing your seasonal tires near electric motors such as a furnace, welders or pumps.

Clean your tires and make sure any moisture is removed. Place each in a tire storage bag. Even oxygen is detrimental to tires, be sure the bags are air tight!

While we are trying to get as much drive time with our tires we do not want to sacrifice safety. Once a tire passes the age of six years even if there are no visual signs of deterioration as the problem may be where you cannot see it and likely structural.

If you have any questions about winter or summer tires be sure to give our tire specialists in the Parts Department a call at 250-758-7742.

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