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Suburban Dad announces #1 Vacation Vehicle

The two week vacation and vehicle review test is finally completed and Suburban Dad and family have ranked the 4 family vehicles in several catagories, including Gas Mileage. The best result of all is the Ford Flex’s overall win!

Overall: 1st Place: “The Ford Flex is the best, no question,” my 13-year-old daughter pronounced, and she spoke for the family. Between the car’s unique looks, its cool electronic features, its roominess and its comfort, it set a tone that none of the others could match. While my wife would have preferred to sit higher up, like in the Pilot, even she named the Flex as her overall winner. Considering how much the Flex wowed our friends and relatives, it probably deserves the top spot…

Flex also won the catgories for best of Looks, Comfort and  Gas Mileage (21.6 mpg).

Starting day one on the Road, the Flex was drawing a crowd everywhere it went, it’s no wonder the Flex is #1 for Looks.  The “Runaway winner” for Comfort, the Flex was chosen by all of the Suburban Dad family members, with Suburban Mom describing the seats, “like sitting in an armchair at home,” plus a refridgerator and the easiest access to the third row.

Recieving a second in the Entertainment category because of a lack of DVD player, the Flex continued to impress Suburban Dad and family with it’s “voice-activated nav system, regional weather maps, movie times and more — not to mention the awesome Sync system for my iPod that tied in with a really top-notch sound system.”

I enjoyed Suburban Dad’s vacation driving, like he said “So you don’t have to,” allowed all of us to see each Family vehicle with it’s flaws (such as cargo room and comfort in the Dodge Journey) and it’s positives (which the Ford Flex has many).