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Operations Leader

I started in the Automobile business over 20 years ago in Northern Manitoba, Moving to Winnipeg to further my career before I discovered Vancouver Island where it didn’t snow for 6 months or hover at -40. I have been on the Island for over 4 years now and with Steve Marshall Ford Lincoln for that entire time. I am passionate about the car industry, the people and creating relationships with new guests. Every day is a great day in the Car business.

Meet David Brockie.

Dave has been with Steve Marshall since 2015, starting as a finance leader, then sales leader and now our newly appointed Operations Leader. In every role, Dave has always been a strong unifying part of not just the sales team, but the dealership as a whole.

Dave’s biggest loves in life are his three sons, Keevan 25, Jared 23 and Adam 21. He looks forward to when they can visit from Manitoba, but always keeps in touch with them. When he talks about them, he always beams with pride and will tell you all about them, like how his oldest, Keevan, just graduated with honours in psychology from University of Manitoba.

When asked for some lifestyle photos Dave admitted to having none. He’s not a selfie guy, or look at me doing this type; he’s all about other people. Ask what his favourite thing about working here at Steve Marshall Ford and not surprisingly he answers, “The people and the synergy of the team.” Ask anyone here and they will tell you that David Brockie is a huge part of that energy. In the mornings he can be heard as he walks in the doors and booms out, “Good morning Steve Marshall Ford Lincoln!” to everyone in the building.  It’s why we are grateful to have him as our Operations Leader.