Meet Kevin H.

Kevin has worked with the service department at Steve Marshall Ford for four years now. He helps out in a variety of ways around the shop, and plays a huge part in taking care of the safety of our team members and guests. Several times a day, Kevin sanitizes touch points at the dealership and he makes sure that once your vehicle is done in service, it is properly sanitized before you drive away.

Kevin lives here in Nanaimo where he has built a strong family tie with his daughter, Chelsea, her husband Kaelen, and their sons Levon and Gabriel. Kevin does not look old enough to be a Grandpa, but he is and ever so grateful that they live on the same property, where he does not have to go months without seeing them.

Kevin’s favourite thing about working here at Steve Marshall is the kindness he sees. It’s not just how the team treats one another, but it is also all those random acts of kindness we do for our guests that we now call Red Fish moments.

Kevin likes to spend his free time drawing, and he just invested in some art supplies and is looking forward to doing some warm weather drawing. Kevin also has music in his blood and plays guitar and keyboard. He has a Capri Jazz guitar, a Harmony guitar and a Marling guitar that was willed to him by his Uncle Don. That guitar was once owned by a local folk musician, but unfortunately the details of who it was are unclear.

Something few people know about Kevin, is why he always has a positive and fun attitude around the dealership. It is all a decision he calls being a Warrior Surfer. “Life is full of emotions and ups and downs, but like a surfer rides the waves, you ride your emotions. Sometimes you spill and get taken into the drink for a while, but you always get back up.”

If you are at the dealership, be sure to say hi to Kevin, and you will get to experience that amazing attitude yourself.