Communications & Guest Relations Lead

Meet Krista.

Krista has been Communications & Guest Relations Lead for just over four years. Her favourite thing about working here is that she feels valued and loved by everyone here. And she is! Not only does Krista do many great things for our guests, but also for the team.

She’s also appreciated, because she is always laughing and fun. “Its funny because, I was just looking at some old photos of me and noticed I am always smiling. No matter what! Even when things are tough, I tend to look at the brighter side of things. I am a glass half full kinda gal.”

We are not the only ones who get to experience her fun and caring; she also works at Loaves and Fishes once a week. “Its great working with another great team and the feeling you get after every shift is amazing!”

Her fiancé, Dean Davidson, is also part of the team at Steve Marshall, but they met long before. Together now for 7 years they have their son Logan, an adorable 6-year-old blonde haired, blue-eyed boy with a crazy imagination, and funny sense of humor, a dog named Butters, and a tuxedo cat named Meow Meow.

“Some people don't know that I paint! Me and a couple girls from the dealership get together and do paint nights. It is a great source of meditation for me and I enjoy every moment of it. I also made a goal to run the 5k for Run for the Cure and I made it 4k-the year before.”

Krista is an Island girl. She has lived off-and-on the island since she was 8, but has been here for the past 11 years, “And I don't plan on leaving! I like to swim in our rivers, lakes and even the ocean.” Which is good for us, because we’d miss her too much.