Finance and Insurance Specialist
Meet Parker Schwinghammer, Finance and Insurance Specialist.
Parker has been with the Steve Marshall sales team for four months now. “My favorite part about working at Steve Marshall is the welcoming atmosphere, the family attitude, and I get to drive all sorts of cool and unique vehicles!”
Born and raised in Sunny Saskatoon Saskatchewan, Parker comes from a family of Three, “I have two younger sisters in their twenties, Heidi and Maia, and the family dog, an Alaskan Malamute named Alta.
An avid and talented guy on the slopes, Parker left the prairies at 18 to pursue big mountain skiing and pro-skiing. He was in Whistler for six years, but with a change of events, he found himself working in the restaurant industry. “I got into working as a manager at the Stone’s Edge in Whistler and really loved it. I love food and cooking and someday, I would love to open my own restaurant.”
It was this love that led Parker to move to the Island. “I came here to go to culinary school and completed that. The only thing keeping me from having my Red Seal is the kitchen hours.”
In his free time, aside from cooking, Parker loves to ride and play. “I love to ride my skateboard, surf and ride my bike. I still love to play guitar and I used to be in a band called Bye, Bye Schwinghammer!” Something that few know about Parker, is how skilled he is on all boards. “I used to compete at a National level for Wakeboarding.” But he was too modest to say more.
It is through a friend, Nathan Chadwick, that Parker found himself here. “Nathan said to me ‘I told Ryan Leverette about you and he’s expecting your resume’”. He’s a perfect fit for our team. He is not only a great asset, but also lots of fun. You may have seen Parker’s videos where he uses a German accent and dons the persona of “Former Bond Villain, and now I help people get into cars.” They are hilarious!
Parker is fun you do not want to miss. Make sure to say hi to Parker when you are at our dealership.