Spray Liner Tech

Meet Scott.

Scott has been with Steve Marshall ford for 15 years now. He started with the lot team and his great work ethic got him promoted to Lot Leader where he was for four years. He then went on to be part of the Auto Smile team, protecting people’s investments with spray-in box liners and undercoat. If you have gotten a truck from here in the past decade and loved your spray-in box liner, that’s Scott. Scott’s Grandfather, Harold, is the one who originally brought Auto Smile to Steve Marshall Ford.

Scott’s favourite thing about working here is the camaraderie. “I love being able to joke around have fun with all of my coworkers.”

Scott is a great family man. Together with His wife Aldyn, they have an adorable 3-year-old girl, Ava, and a dog, Maddie. You can tell by the pics and the way he talks about Ava, that she is daddy’s girl.  He smiles and tells me, “She likes to do gardening with me and go for walks in the forest, except she calls it going into the jungle.” Scott’s excited about a new addition coming soon. Aldyn is six months pregnant with a baby boy on the way.

Something that very few people know about Scott, is that he is a massive history buff. “When I was a kid in school, all the other kids were reading Thomas the train and I was checking out history books.”