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The Best Description of the Shelby GT500

It’s like a well written Romance Novel. Scott Burgess of The Detroit News has written probably the best description of the Shelby Mustang that I’ve ever had the pleasure to read.

He starts off slow, describing what we all imagaine: It’s fun to drive a specially built, super fast, Sports Car Legend.

But he wraps it up nicely:

“…it’s the guttural rumble that people notice most. When you take off, and that high pitched supercharger kicks in, there’s a burst of power that can take your breath away. The clutch is firm and if you tip in the accelerator too quickly, you’ll feel the traction control fight the 480-pound-feet of torque that wants to spin the wheels like a top. It takes a little time adjusting to the GT500’s clutch to find the groove to blast off.”