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Tips on Buying a Vehicle Privately, 6 Steps to Take

The British Columbia Vehicles Sales Authority estimates that in ‘just’ the Lower Mainland “curbers” represent as much as half the vehicles currently being advertised privately in the newspapers, in trade magazines and through various used classifieds website.

In March of 2010 multiple agencies concerned with illegalities surrounding misrepresented “private” sales of motor vehicles by those called “curbers.” Among the participants in the conference were the RCMP, ICBC, Canada Revenue Agency, Crown Counsel (Commercial Crime), Canada Border Services Agency, municipal bylaw enforcement officers, the B.C. Transportation Ministry’s Commercial Vehicle Safety and Enforcement and the Vehicle Sales Authority(VSA).

How do curbers victimize so many people? There is high degree of odometer tampering, imported salvage vehicles banned in other jurisdictions, wrecked vehicle rebuilds (often fronts, rears or chassis from different wrecks welded together) and other safety and misrepresentation issues.

This series of 4 videos has been put together by the Vehicle Sales Authority to alert consumers to the exact dangers you should watch for when purchasing privately.

Part #1 – Buying a Vehicle Privately – Be Very Careful!
Part #2 – How to Spot a Curber or Fake Private Seller
Part #3 – 6 Steps You Should Take Before Buying a Vehicle From a Private Seller
Part #4 – Why You Should Get a Vehicle History Report that Includes a Lien Check