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Tire Rotation and Brake Checks

Tire rotation and brake checks are supposed to happen every 10,000 km, and while every vehicle is unique, I’ll share what happened to my vehicle (please excuse the dirt, I had just come from camping). My tire rotation was spontaneous because I need my tires repaired, normally while you have your regular maintenance completed the shop would rotate your tires. While everything is being changed, rotated and checked, it’s also being noted in your Multi Point Inspection (by a BCAA approved shop).

Once my rear tire was pulled off, my rear brakes were checked. The cover comes off first, you can see it below my truck on the hoist. Then the technician starts to shine lights and check these little boot things (where he’s pointing is a rubberish boot) for leaks! Free of leaks, he moves on.

He wiggled, jostled and shone more lights and all around made me feel like my rear brakes were thoroughly tested and very safe before giving them the “All Good”.

Then my front tires were moved to where the rear tires were, almost done this tire rotation and repair, and my front brakes were accessible for their check up.

Uh oh!

I tried taking a picture of how little pad I had left, but I’m not sure if you can see it. See that little 2mm indent between the holding cage? That’s bad. On the inspection sheet I got a “Yellow-Red” and a recommendation to get them repaired, as soon as possible.

I can only imagine the bad things that could happen if I couldn’t stop.

The tire rotation continued including balancing of the tires that needed repairs and all my tires had new spots on my truck!

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