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Your Vehicle’s New Year Resolutions

Poof! Just like that, another year is over…

To help you get motivated for the New Year, here are some easy resolutions for you AND your vehicle.

Maintain Your Maintenance

We know keeping up with car maintenance can be a pain, but if neglected, bigger problems can arise!

Beyond keeping you safe, regular maintenances can actually improve your vehicle’s reliability and performance, shorten the chance of roadside emergencies and also increase your vehicles resale value! 

A multipoint inspection includes a THOROUGH check through the exterior body, tire and brake wear, oil and fluid, systems and components, battery and the interiors.

Book your multipoint inspection with us today! You will be walked through your vehicle report card at the end of every service to visualize and understand the results of your 83-point inspection. Then book your vehicle back in with us at the estimated date that your vehicle will need to be serviced again! Easy peasy!! 

Use this goal to give you a better idea of your vehicle’s health!! 

Maintenance on your vehicle is important to prevent larger problems in the future

Save Your Money

You know what they say, a penny saved is a penny earned.

Owning a vehicle is likely one of your largest personal expenses, and while it will always be one of the bigger expenditures on your personal budget, there are many ways to save big money on your vehicle expenses.

Use these tips to add this goal to your vehicles New Year resolutions.


Safety aside, properly inflated tires last longer and will save you money on gas in the long run. 


You can save an average of $20 a month in gas if your commute is just 20 miles round trip. 

Checking your tire pressure can save you money on fuel as well as wear and tear on your tires.


Most vehicles air conditioners require engine power to operate. It is estimated that by using the AC, you’re increasing your fuel consumption by up to 20%. 


Many insurance companies give a discount of 20% if you have not had an accident or ticket for 3 years or more. Ask your insurance company today!


Sometimes you have to spend money to save money. Regular visits to your technician can help you to avoid bigger, more expensive repairs later on.


There are many times over the course of a year when you should consider comparing auto insurance quotes to ensure you’re still getting the best deal, like when:

  • Your policy is up for renewal 
  • Get married 
  • Move 
  • Buy a new car
  • Get a ticket or are involved in an at-fault accident 
  • Change jobs or retire.

Stop Distracted Driving

Did you know? On average, 9 people a day are killed due to distracted driving. This is a super scary reality that we’re capable of changing TOGETHER.

 Let this goal be part of your 2022 New Year Resolutions.

The three main types of distraction are:

VISUAL: Taking your eyes off the road 

MANUAL: Taking your hands off the steering wheel 

COGNITIVE: Letting your mind wander off while driving

Pulling over to complete tasks that may distract you is better for everyone.

We get it, its not always convenient to have to pull your vehicle over just to answer a phone call or switch settings around. Try driving a vehicle that can do the multi-tasking for you! Enjoy the safety and convenience behind features like: voice activated navigation, steering wheel audio controls, blind spot monitoring, rain sensing windshield wipers, etc.! There’s normally a ‘drive mode’ on most smart phones, this is an option you can turn on in your settings to silence all notifications automatically while driving. Take a peek at our inventory for MANY vehicles with all these features and more! 

Leave the Clutter Behind

Cleaning your vehicle can be extremely rewarding. Whether you took the time do it yourself or you bring it to Auto Smile for a mini-detail with our team. The final product always makes you feel as if you’ve just bought a new vehicle. So, why not feel that way year-round? 

For many of us, our vehicles aren’t JUST vehicles. They’re our home away from home, our office, out extra closet, entertainment centre, and much more! 

Here are some tips to help YOU achieve this New Years Resolution:

  • Wrap a butter knife in a damp cloth or paper towel to get into all the nitty gritty spots.
  • Set monthly reminders on your phone to help you remember when it’s time for a deep clean.
  • Ask yourself if you really, truly need each item you’ve determined “belongs” in your vehicle.
  • Only keep updated and important documents in the glove box.
  • Try placing silicone baking cups in your cup holders to save this spill prone spot.
  • Get a small vehicle trash bin to keep all your garbage in one tidy place.
  • Take something with you EVERY time you exit the vehicle.
  • Clean headlights every month to prevent fogging.
  • Purchase a handheld cordless vacuum for crumbs and small bits.
  • Book a detail at Auto Smile (prices from $30-$269).
Clean and organized vehicle is a gift all year

Take Advantage of Your Freedom

“The greatest part of a road trip isn’t arriving at your destination, its all the wild stuff that happens on the way” -Emma Chase

You know that road trip that you’ve been dying to go on? PLAN IT!

It’s time to stop putting your adventurous side on the back burner. There’s just something about the way the road snakes endlessly ahead, surrounded by stunning scenery, and the liberation to stop wherever you please while discovering hidden gems along the journey, it’s very satisfying.

Here’s to a safe 2022! Happy New Year from the Steve Marshall Ford Family!