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Zombie Escape | 2013 Escape

Zombies are the hottest monsters on the block. So the Ford Blog team decided to feature the walking dead in a video with the 2013 Escape.

Via Ford Blue:

Love them or hate them, zombies are the hottest monsters on the block right now.

From red-hot TV series The Walking Dead, to children’s movie ParaNorman and the upcoming big-budget film World War Z, zombies are showing up everywhere. For the past few years, vampires had a firm bite as top villain on the pop culture scene, but their reign has come to an end.

At the Ford Blog we’re obsessed with zombies, so when it came time to launch the 2013 Escape, we thought it would be fun to tie the two together. We recruited notable Canadian video producer Patrick Boivin to help us, and the result is our terrifying Zombie Escape video.

We’ve always been a fan of Patrick and his videos, which have amassed millions of hits on YouTube. Some of our favourites include Iron Baby and AT-AT Afternoon. We knew from the start that Patrick’s unique sense of humour and creativity would be a perfect fit for Ford and the Zombie Escape.