About Us

The Steve Marshall Ford Lincoln family, led by Ann Marie Clark, strives every day to nurture the store’s fun loving and relaxed family atmosphere while maintaining our education, training and equipment. This mindset makes it second nature to take care of our guests beyond their expectations.

Our team also believes in a commitment to continue supporting our community, from volunteering at smaller, local events to larger fundraisers, such as the SPCA ($39,600), Island Crisis Care Society ($23,600), Give & Go annually, collected funds for the John Barsby Community of Schools’ Angel Fund ($14,400), Haven Society ($12,600), Nanaimo Unique Kids Organization ($12,700) and Mamas for Mamas ($10,000). We also competed in the Nanaimo Hospital Foundation’s Smile Cookie Fundraiser, helping raise money while spreading joy.

We truly appreciate the trust that our community and our family has placed in us and we will continue to be transparent, honest and supportive.

Our vision is to build strong, lifelong relationships by maintaining our teams’ involvement and autonomy in taking care of our guests to create a better experience with our store, while continuing to be a meaningful contributor within the community.

Are You Looking To Join A Great Team?

We are always open to adding a great person to our dealership family! If you are looking for a career in Nanaimo send us an email with what you are looking for and how you’ll fit perfectly (maybe a resume too).


Bryan Vanderleek the famous Nationwide guy As part of Ford’s National Employee Pricing Campaign in 2011 we were encouraged to send video to ford for “auditions” to get in and be a part of the Ford advertising.
We had the greatest guy for the job! Bryan Vanderleek got in through the audition process, got his very own commercial talking about Ford products and was on all the Point of Sale posters and all of the National newspaper ads!!
What an opportunity!
A few months later he went to a casting call for the new Superman Movie to be a lumberjack or a Fishing boat deckhand. Haven’t heard if he got a call back yet!!

Andrew Harris and the Grey Cup

How many more athletes can we get through our dealership. The latest was BC Lions Grey Cup team member Andrew Harris #33. The earliest star athlete I remember is Geoff Courtnall possibly 10 years ago!!
We also have our Senior and Junior Timbermen floating around sometimes, there’s a couple Soccer teams and if we ask super nice I’ve seen the Clippers here too!!

51 Inch TV to Michelle

Oh and by staff we really mean family. In June Michelle got a 51-inch Plasma TV (and her friend got gas and movie tickets), just for sharing our Facebook page with her friends, on the same day Rob River won almost $200 in our 50/50 draw!

Canucks Jerseys for Everyone

In February we gave every single family member that posted on Facebook about our Hockey Jersey Foodbank Fundraiser, a Canucks Jersey! Then they all got to wear that Jersey with jeans all throughout the play offs, it was epic.

Halloween Winning!

This year’s Halloween costume contest was great fun! The competition was pretty fierce in 2010, everyone really had to step up their creativity for 2011; 2012 will be even better. Are you a costume guru?

Good ol’ Cash for Any Occasion

In August we held the HOT HOT Fiesta Event and to help our team get in the spirit we are having a photo contest in ridiculous Fiesta shirts, with a Giant Key. We gave away $150 to Mitch for having the most votes, $100 to Chris and $50 each to Denise and Brandon. We also gave $125 cash to our Facebook Fans!

Community is key

Then, of course, there are the community events that we attend and promote. Everything from Lacrosse and Hockey to Relay for Life and Bathtub Races? we can always use more people with us, and the complimentary tickets are usually available for the family. Plus you can pretty much guarantee that you can be in.

Food is so good!

We have BBQs usually once per month, excluding maybe December if it’s really rainy. At these BBQs we give away money, free lunch in the cafe, and generally just chill together for an hour. During the summer every Friday is Fun Friday, you get to wear jeans with your Fun Friday shirt (can you tell that we all.

Family Events Galore

Our Social Committee is certainly committed to our family having a good time, last year there was The Best Christmas Party Yet, a fantastic Kids Christmas Party, Golf at Eagle Crest, Bowling at Splitzville, Pool at James Street plus more? they are very busy! In past years we’ve gone to Mt. Washington to ski (and summer biking), had a giant summer fun camp out with our entire auto group of dealerships, and did some Rock Climbing (make sure you drive an automatic if it’s your first time for that!). Want to know more? Email your resume