Ford Custom Order Walk-Through

There are three ways to custom order your next Ford; Custom Order, Reserve Now and Request to Order. The method varies depending on the vehicle you’ve selected. Custom vehicle build, reservation and request times vary per model and design, but Ford makes every effort to ensure your vehicle is completed as efficiently as possible. Click on the vehicle you want to get to watch a quick 60 second video for step by step processes.

On this page click on Custom Build, Reserve Now or Request to Order. Select the trim level you want and then you can customize your vehicle. Once you’ve picked all your options and colour, “Request Dealer Quote” or with the Maverick “Request to order” and we will reach out to you to finalize your order. With a Lightning F-150 or Bronco, at the end print your Build Summary. Contact us and we will order the vehicle for you.

Feeling overwhelmed? Give us a call at (250) 758-7311 and one of our sales professionals can help you out.

Custom Order Ford Mustang Mach-E

Custom Order Ford F-150 Lightning

Custom Order Ford F-150

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Custom Order Ford Bronco

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