Parts Delivery Driver

Meet Cameron Eckford our parts driver.

“Have you seen this truck!?” I said to Ryan Leverette, one of our sales leaders. We noticed this very well-equipped Ford Ranger that screams, “Lets go deep into the woods and play!” We also noticed the cameras for video and we said, “Oh man, what fun this would be!”

A short while later I see this Ranger parked out front and found out that it belonged to a new hire, Cameron Eckford, who joined our Lot Team. Cameron was getting some service work done to his Ranger and he left not only with repairs done, but a job as well.

Cam has been with us now for seven months. He started with the Lot Team, but has moved into the parts department. His favourite part of working here is the culture and the people, but he will also admit the deals on the future parts he needs for his Ranger, is definitely a perk.

Cameron is Island born and raised and was working and living in Yellowknife when he bought his Ranger. He was working at a Ford dealership, where he bought it and all the parts, which he installed himself. It’s his love of trucks, cars, parts and accessories, mixed with his great personality that got him a job offer here at Steve Marshall Ford. It’s also why he is now working with the parts department!

His truck, that he named the EcoBeast, is not a pavement-princess, but made to play in the woods. Cameron is an avid outdoors guy and has started his own Youtube channel to document his adventures on the Island. All his life he has been in love with the outdoors, being it fishing, hiking or off roading and he developed keen photo and video skills to document his adventures.

The EcoBeast, is not Cam’s first love with cars and bikes. He has had several vehicles including an 81 Camaro that he built a Stroker motor for and made into his street rod and an Enduro bike that he did many Island adventures on. On weekends he loves to get out with his friends and do some off-roading, but his favourite adventure pal is his dog Rocko.

Rocko is a 14-year-old Arctic wolf German shepherd cross with no regards for his age. He still heads out with Cam and out runs his younger doggie pals. Cam says, “He is forever my best pal and adventure buddy.” You can see by the pics that Rocko is as avid about the outdoors as Cam is.

It’s some of those very cool things we learned about one of our team members. It’s not just about work culture, but Ford and Island culture as well. We look forward to seeing more videos as he documents his Island adventures.

Say hi to Cameron when you are at the dealership.