Apprentice Technician

Meet Chas Tocher.

Two and a half years ago, Chas started with us as part of the Lot Team, and was recognized for whatever task was asked of him he always gave 100% attention and effort to it.

It was Chas’s desire to move into the shop, but at the time they needed someone with more tech experience. Chas proved his resourcefulness by doing repairs on his own car.  This didn’t go unnoticed by the Service Leader, Rob Vanden Elsen.

Rob borrowed Chas from the Lot Team to help out in the shop, but after one month Rob said, “I am keeping him.” Chas is too modest to say anything about his abilities, but Rob and his coworkers praise his attention to detail, what a great team player he is and how that focus and attention makes him so good at what he does. Rob tells me. “He really cares about his guest’s and making sure he fixes their vehicles right.”

Ask what Chas’s favourite thing about working here and he will tell you it is the people he gets to work with. He loves being part of the Shop Team and it is a very good thing, otherwise he might take one of those numerous offers to be an international mustache model.

In his free time Chas like to get out and drive or ride. He enjoys his Honda Si and going for rides Dual Sport bike.