Trade Down

Has your family dynamic changed? Work needs are different? Looking for a smaller environmental footprint? Maybe it’s time to take advantage of our TRADE DOWN Program!

This is an opportunity for guests that:

  • Want to lower their cost of driving
  • Get into a loan with a lower interest rate
  • Have better gas mileage
  • If there’s been a large life change
  • Adding family members
  • Have children leaving the nest
  • Are concerned about the environment
  • Want to have lower monthly payments
  • The current vehicle has had an unexpected breakdown
  • Have been affected by the Insurance increases
  • Looking to find a financial solution during job action
Completely redesigned new 2020 Escape best offers four new propulsion choices – including two all-new hybrids; standard hybrid targets best-in-class EPA-estimated range of more than 550 miles; plug-in hybrid targets a best-in-class EPA-estimated pure-electric range of 30+ miles

Let us know what your GOAL is today and we’ll help you get there.

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