Wholesale April 2023 Battery Special

wholesale parts automotive battery special

Designed and Built to Last! 

3 Years Free Replacement

  1. Tested Tough MAX is THE Original Equipment battery for all Ford Motor Company vehicles 
  2. Impact-resistant case and heat-sealed cover help prevent leaks 
  3. Special bonding paste helps minimize internal vibrations – a leading cause of battery failure 
  4. Industry-best inter-cell welds reduce internal resistance 
  5. Optimized grid design maximizes current flow and cranking performance 
  6. Premium alloy grid helps increase battery life in high heat environments 
  7. Envelope separators protect plates from direct shorts – improving service life
  8. Large selection of sizes to fit most automotive applications available at wholesale parts special pricing. 
FORDBXT-48H6 610    BXT59       BXT65-650    BXT65-750    $250.78 LIST         SPECIAL $178.05
FORDBXT90T5-590      BXT96R500   BXT96R590$250.78 LIST         SPECIAL $178.05
FORDBXT-65-850$266.46 LIST         SPECIAL $189.19 
GM CHRYSLER, AUDI, BMWBXT3478    BXT94RH7730$250.78 LIST         SPECIAL $178.05
MECEDES, VW, VOLVOBXT94RH7730$250.78 LIST         SPECIAL $178.05