Commercial Vehicle Centre Overview

Commercial Vehicle Centre (CVC)

Ford’s CVC program is ideal for all business handlers whose owners cherish their time. In medium or large businesses with more sophisticated vehicular transportation necessities, it ends up multiplying in worth.

CVC is the professional and easy way to find the proper vehicle and services for your company’s requirements. See below for all the features available through Ford Pro Commercial Vehicle Centre.

John Erickson, CVC Fleet Leader, can also discuss charging solutions, telematics, financing and Ford Pro‘s one-stop-shop strategy.

2021 ford bronco can be a commercial vehicle too


A suite of technology solutions offered which involves the integration of telecommunications and informatics to provide real-time data and communication for various applications. Ford Commercial Telematics technology is specifically tailored for commercial and fleet management purposes with features like vehicle tracking, maintenance monitoring and fuel management.

Ford Pro FinSimple

Financing made simple with commercial lines of credit, up-fit financing, combined billing and the option to work with a finance expert are the ways Ford Pro FinSimple can help make your vehicle leasing and installment financing process easy and efficient.

Ford Pro Maintenance & Repairs

Ensuring your vehicles continuous operation is crucial for seamless business. We’ve streamlined maintenance, employing innovative solutions to increase up-time. Our approach integrates technology, proactive monitoring, and predictive analytics to address issues before they disrupt. Our skilled professionals provide swift, precise service, reflecting our commitment to excellence. Beyond mechanical aspects, we optimize overall efficiency utilizing a one-stop-shop strategy with your main contact being John Erickson.

Electric Vehicle Charging

Information about charging.

Ford Pro offers a variety of options for fleet electric vehicle (EV) charging to cater to the diverse needs of businesses. These options are designed to enhance the convenience and efficiency of managing an electric fleet. Here are some key features:

  • Ford Charge Station Pro
  • Ford Connected Charge Station
  • Charge Network Access
  • Customized Fleet Charging Solutions
  • Charge Management Tools
  • Expert Consultation and Support

Commercial Vehicle Inventory