Safety And Economy, Tires Are Most Important

Tires are a vehicle’s most important safety feature

The engine and brakes of a vehicle work directly through the tires. Even the most advanced traction and stability control systems are limited by the tire’s ability to hold the road. If a consumer has   tires that are worn, under inflated, or not suited to the environment, they put themselves, their vehicle, and others at risk.Learn about the differences between All Season and Snow tires here.

Tire Safety

Tires are more important than you thought. Drivers rarely give tires a second thought, but choosing the right tire can be the difference between and a near miss and an accident. Getting the right tire for a vehicle starts with finding a knowledgeable new or used car dealer. One who can help you select the tire best for the intended use.

Steve Marshall Ford’s Parts Department is knowledgeable and can find the perfect tire for your driving habits and vehicle, and also point out the pros and cons of each tire brand. There is a right tire for everyone, and it is our job to find the right tire for you.

For some consumers, the choice between tires comes down to price and availability or a decision based on appearance and reputation. When depending upon our Parts Department Staff you can learn how to purchase tires based on safety, quietness, road holding ability, and wear. Regardless of tire choice, it is necessary to understand why tires are so important.

Tires are a vehicle’s only contact with the road. Even the brawniest engine, strongest brakes, or most advanced antiskid system, is at the mercy of the tire’s grip on the road. Every move a driver makes with the steering wheel or brake or gas pedal is transmitted to the road through the four post-it note-sized contact patches of the tires. Selecting the right tires for your driving needs is as important as selecting the right vehicle. Tires that are worn won’t be able to displace enough water to prevent hydroplaning. Performance tires won’t be able to get much grip in snow. All-season tires can’t manage the heat creased in high-speed driving. Passenger-car tires might not be able to carry the heavy load found in a contractor’s pickup.