Ultra Small and Small Businesses

Commercial Vehicle Centre

As we know ultra-small entrepreneurs and small business owners never have enough time, we are committed to protecting each precious minute they have.

You have our word on that!

As an experienced CVC program dealer, we’re able to undisputedly place you into any vehicle in the absence of ever needing to come into the dealership!

  • Without having to leave your office, we can make all needed financial agreements.
  • At any time that is convenient for you, we can transport the vehicle to your business. Exactly to your requirements! Which includes any telematics or custom up-fitting needs you may have.
  • We can thoroughly guard your investment with our immensely flexible ‘Ford Protect’ maintenance and warranty products that remove the tension out of caring for your vehicle.
  • We can even pick-up and re-deliver it whenever necessary service repairs are needed with our exemplary Ford Pro one-stop-shop strategy leading to increased up-time.

Regardless if you are an enterprising young entrepreneur, or have a long-established 2–3-person business!

If you highly value your time, know that we will greatly prioritize your time as our own!

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