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Fuel System Cleaning Service

When your vehicle rolls off of the assembly line, the fuel system is clean. The combustion chamber, plenum and throttle body are free from fuel deposits, and the result is a well running vehicle. It gets the fuel economy it was designed to get. It has the performance it’s supposed to have and the exhaust emissions are as low as they can be.

So what happens? Gasoline is what happens!

Gasoline is a hydrocarbon fuel and when a hydrocarbon fuel is burned, one of the by products is carbon. Carbon deposits form on the combustion chamber walls, the back of the exhaust valves and on top of the piston crown. The throttle body and plenum are also effected. All this is not good for the vehicle or it’s owner.

The deposits rob a vehicle of its performance, but more importantly of its fuel economy. By removing these deposits, your vehicle will perform and run like new. Fuel economy will be restored.

(Left to Right) Before and after of both the Piston Crown and the Intake Valve.

The human body and the engine in your car have a lot in common. Both need air to operate properly.

When the Throttle Body (nostrils) of the vehicle, the Plenum (sinus) or the Combustion Chamber (lungs) are congested from fuel related deposits, the engine does not operate properly. Performance is compromised. Fuel efficiency decreases and exhaust emissions increase.

Our Fuel System Cleaning Service cleans the respiratory system of your vehicle. Restores the performance, reduces exhaust emissions, but more importantly, helps maintain the fuel economy your vehicle was designed to get. Book an appointment online or call our service appointment desk at 250-758-7388.