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How does a Multi-Point Inspection work?

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your Ford was serviced by Ford-Trained Technicians at Ford Service. Ask to be walked through the Vehicle Report Card after every service to see the results of your 83-point inspection to help give you a better idea of your vehicle’s health.

A Ford-trained Expert will take you through an easy to follow Red/Yellow/Green rating system, to help give you an idea of what’s running smoothly, what needs immediate attention, and what may require attention in the future.

Sample Vehicle Report Card you would receive after your Multi-Point Inspection.

Be in the Know with a Multi-Point Inspection, Included with The Works Service Package 

A Ford-trained Expert will conduct a multi-point assessment to help identify areas of your Ford that might need attention. Our 83-point inspection includes:

Multi-Point Inspection and Vehicle Report Card. Maintenance should be easy and pain free book a service appointment with a few things in mind.

Exterior Body

Checking the exterior of the vehicle like head and tail lamps, body panels, hood and trunk for signs of damage.

Tire & Brake Wear

Examining the overall quality and measurement of wear and tear on all tires and brake systems for responsiveness and reliability.

Oil & Fluid

Checking and adjusting all fluid levels and making sure that the oil filter is changed and maintained.
Systems & Components.

Systems & Components

Examining the critical systems and components, including lights, air filter, belts, hoses, exhaust system and more to detect possible problems.


Testing the vehicle battery and its charging system to check efficiency.


Checking all the interior components like seat control, steering wheel, audio/video functions and more.

Give your Ford the attention it deserves by the experts who know it best. The Works  service package includes an oil  and filter change, tire rotation, an 83-point inspection and Vehicle Report Card.