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The Little Car with a Huge Future – The Province

While we aren’t able to link to the article about the Ford Fiesta on The Province (as we are without a subscription), we’d love to lay out some quotes that Bob McHugh made a point of listing as “Surprises”.

It was definitely nice to read great things about our little car! Did you know you can preorder your Ford Fiesta right now? Give us a call: 1.888.571.0953.

The first surprise was a Canadian base price of $12,999 for the S trim level of the four-door sedan — $2,000 below the U.S. base price. And that’s a refreshing change. The Canadian car does not come with standard air conditioning, but other than that they are identical.

Another surprise for buyers will be the performance of the optional PowerShift six-speed automatic transmission. It’s basically two manual transmissions in one that shifts electronically, similar to an Audi DSG transmission.

A hidden surprise that hopefully a Fiesta owner never gets to use is an excellent passive safety package. More than 50 per cent of the welded body structure of Fiesta is made from high-strength steel and Boron steel (which has four times the strength of regular steel) is used in critical areas, such as roof pillars and side intrusion beams.